CONTEST ENTRY DATES: Contest start date & time and end date & time as outlined on the website.

WHO MAY ENTER: Contest is only open to high school students. Contestants may be required to provide school ID upon request as proof of enrollment as a high school student.

CONTEST ENTRY: To enter, follow directions as outlined on the website. Contestants can enter only once and submit only one entry. All entries must be received by date and time outlined on the website.  Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason, in its sole and absolute discretion. Entry must be the original work of the contestant in English, may not have been previously published, may not have won previous awards, must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity, or other intellectual property or other rights of any person, and must not violate any law. Plagiarism, which includes the use of third-party poetry, song lyrics, characters or another person’s universe will result in disqualification. All entries once submitted are final. No revisions are accepted.

JUDGING: All entries will be judged based on judges’ determination.  The decisions of the judges are entirely their own and are final and binding.

WINNER NOTIFICATION: Winner(s) will be determined after the contest’s end date and will be notified by email. 

Entry into this contest constitutes your acceptance of these terms.